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We at Akshadhaa Foundation are aiming to create a meaningful learning environment in order to propel the child towards an independent life. The curriculum design is such that the child gathers the necessary life skills and attains capability to pursue a Vocation of Choice.


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Elementary School Program

Elementary School Program includes Behavioural Intervention, Developmental Intervention and Cognitive Behavioural Interventions. There is considerable overlap in components of the programs. Read More

Middle School Program

The Middle school program focuses on Developmental skills and goals and contain ongoing objective assessment of progress. Teaching strategies are designed for the generalization and maintenance of skills. Read More

Life Skill Training

The Life skill program at Akshadhaa is designed and developed based on research based intervention methods to bring maximum independence at home, at school and in the community. Read More

Therapeutic Services

Akshadhaa Foundation Rehabilitation therapy unit follows multi-disciplinary approach where Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech therapist and Special Educator work in a collective way Read More

Training For Teachers & Family Caregivers

Akshadha Foundation is running Equip the Special Million outreach project with the aim to Train-Include and Empower the parents and trainers working with children with diverse disability conditions. Read More

Self Advocacy By Our Vocation Unit Trainees

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Akshadhaa Program For Vocational Training & Livelihood

Life Skill Management Program

Digital Literacy, Data Entry & Proof Reader Training

Photocopier Operator & Lamination Training

Soft Skill Development & Job Readiness

Financial Literacy & Money Management

Horticulture & Rooftop Garden Maintenance

Chocolate Making Course

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Fund Raising Campaign

Urgent help needed for People with Disabilities

Devastating effect of Covid-19 pandemic has affected children and people with disability very badly. They are the most vulnerable population, who are going through trauma


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Children and young adults got direct hands-on therapy and intervention
Got trained through Train the trainer program 6000+ people's lives are touched through community sensitization
Corporate volunteering engagement
Parents benefited through training & empowerment
Professional trainer & consultants


Akshadhaa foundation

Pioneering a unique and meaningful learning environment that propels the child towards an independent life.