Akshadhaa Foundation School for Autism is running a comprehensive school program for children with autism and other pervasive developmental disorder.


Elementary School Program

Elementary School Program includes Behavioural Intervention, Developmental Intervention and Cognitive Behavioural Interventions. There is considerable overlap in components of the programs, forming unique intervention strategies for the children.

The Program focuses on using Incidental Teaching, using Behaviour Principles of ABA, within natural learning contexts. The environment includes toys and activities that are appealing to young children and the therapist expands on requests and activities that the child initiates. The program is very structured and works on individual goals within planned activities. Social Pragmatic Communication Approach targets building communication in naturalistic contexts, using facilitative rather than a directive style, providing opportunities for communication and consistently contingently reinforcing communication attempts are emphasized.


Middle School Program

The program focuses on Developmental skills and goals and contain ongoing objective assessment of progress. Teaching strategies are designed for the generalization and maintenance of skills. The TEACCH program takes a major role where the emphasis is on environmental organisation, visual support and teaching of independence and developmental skills. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based intervention used in one on one setting to focus on imitation, interaction, play and response to basic requests, language, description of emotions and pre academic skills. Also of critical importance at this age are independence in self help skills and the learning of parallel play and other simple indoor and outdoor game activities that foster group participation. Instructional strategies used are natural environment teaching, discrete trial instruction, and systematic exposure to larger group instruction.

I-Vocation - BEGINNERS

The comprehensive transitional curriculum with a focus on skill set and hands-on learning in a simulated work environment. The aim is to make them independent at home and bring meaningful engagement, well-being and productive future.

Life skill training

In order for an individual to achieve a sense of dignity, self-worth and independence, it is important to acquire the skills necessary to look after his/her own personal hygiene, meal preparation and maintenance of a dwelling.

Self Cooking

The areas in focus are safety in cooking, handling food, preparing simple meal, table setting, following a recipe and after meal clean up

House Maintenance

The activities in this segment are selected to make the student competent to work at home environment. Each task is broken down into simple comprehendible steps.
  • Cupboard arrangement
  • Bed making
  • Folding and use hanger
  • Dusting
  • Sweeping and Moping
  • Use washing machine
  • Hand wash small clothes
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Use of cloth robe
  • Setting Dining Table
  • Window, glass cleaning

Vocation skill

  • Cutting n Peeling vegetable and packing
  • Paper bag, paper packet making
  • Paper mache products making
  • Jewellery making & Creative art
  • Garden maintenance
  • Farming
  • Weighing and packing dry grain
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Diya painting

Kitchen Help

The activities are designed to make the person a productive member in the kitchen. It is observed that most of the children love doing kitchen tasks and these hands-on tasks keep them focused and engaged in a meaningful way.
  • Cleaning kitchen slab
  • Washing utensils
  • Setting kitchen utensil rack
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Vegetable rack setting in fridege and in kitchen
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Cutting, peeling vegetables


Social & Leisure skill

Leisure skills allow an individual to acquire abilities which would permit their participation in individual and group activities i.e. music, indoor games, sports in order to bring fitness, alertness, connect to the surrounding and social involvement.


I-Vocation - ADVANCED

A comprehensive training program aiming to groom an individual with required academic and work skills. Giving them dignity and scope to be a productive member in the family and society.


A flexible learning program with NIOS syllabus coaching. Learning program with creative worksheet and multimedia support.

Functional Literacy:

Applying concepts of math and environmental science. Measurement of linear, weight and liquids Learning money concept, money value, shopping skill, saving and basic banking knowledge. Time concept: Understanding time and developing it as an important life skill.

Digital Literacy:

Learning technical skills in the computer. Knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point, Multimedia and Data Entry

Life skill Training:

A wholesome personality development with soft skills, personal and home management skill training.

Vocational Training

  • Office job Assistant
  • Green gifting solution
  • Packaging
  • Bakery / Chocolate Making
  • Garden maintenance
  • Creative Art

Office job Assistant

Assisting in the office, taking instructions, handlng office stationary, organising of files and folders. Use of computer to enter data.


Green gifting solution

Horticulture training in caring for plants. Knowing different plant names, types of plants and growing them. Potting of plants, transfering in gifting pots. Decorating the green gifts. Keeping data of orders, making order ready as per demand.


Dry grain packing. Taking orders making bills & divering the order

Social & Leisure Skill

Leisure skills allow an individual to acquire abilities which would permit their participation in individual and group activities i.e. music, indoor games, sports in order to bring fitness, alertness, connect to the surrounding and social involvement.


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