Celebrating Independence day, Dussera, Onam, Diwali, Christmas were part of our institution which we do every year. Along with these, we also celebrate Teachers’ Day and acknowledge their effort and contribution for our children. All teachers received gifts and lunch was arranged for all. The special touch was given by the vocation training unit students who made chocolates and candles and made special packing with teachers day message for their loving teachers.


Champion Online Trainer

Lockdown is just a word for our this champion therapist. Ms. Sunitha is one of the workaholic, passionate and creative person in the team who took the online learning at a different level to make it interesting, joyful, visually appealing for the children. She believes "whatever the situation is, learning must go on". What if the therapist is sitting far away from the child? The presentation make them reach very close to each of them and look forward to their session everyday.


Champion Online Trainer

Akshadhaa Team believes in boosting each others spirit and enthusiasm. Our veteran trainer Elizabeth is always particular about the presentation in workbook exercises for the children and she likes it more to be tangible for them. During this lockdown, when the virtual medium became the only mantra, she was hesitant at the beginning and anxious too. Being a person not so comfortable with digital medium, she took this as a challenge and immersed herself in the process of learning of the virtual world. She included her elements of music, aesthetic sense of pictorial presentation and ensured active participation of each student. Kudos TEAM!


Tackling Handwriting challenges

Akshadhaa Foundation conducted the webinar 'Tackling Handwriting challenges' to learn the nuances of handwriting. The art and science behind teaching handwriting

The presenter was Richa Kapoor, Occupational Therapist. The event was conducted on 30th May 2020.


Champion Online Trainer

'Where Passion leads to Creativity' - the phrase fits perfectly for Mr. Rajkumar, our Neuro- physiotherapist of the team. Where working on gross motor and sensory areas are quite hands on for the therapists, Raj has brought a new dimension in this field with tweak and simplifying adjustments and brought the therapy inside the home using home stuff, at the same time bringing more engagement, awareness for the parents about the challenge and working on the target step by step manner. His special message for all, "Be positive, be confident always. Work hard until you succeed. " would inspire many in this field.


Adaptive Sports Training

At Akshadhaa Foundation the focus is always on holistic learning and bringing more engagement utilizing community spaces.


207 Hours of Virtual Sessions in 23 days

An organisation is only as strong as its people. Very much true! Our team members have always stood by us and have contributed in a big way in making Akshadhaa Foundation what it is today. In this difficult times, we would like to take a moment of your time to share stories of our champion therapist trainers who converted their home as workstation and are working on to create amazing digital teaching materials for our children. As the age group is different, the needs are different too. The uniqueness is not only in the medium but also in the approach, the delivery and creative content build up. A warm gesture for those warriors who made it possible to continue for 207 hours of virtual sessions in last 23 days.

Akshadhaa Foundation welcomes volunteers

At Akshadhaa Foundation we continue volunteering event with the philanthropic souls to spend quality time with the persons with different abilities, learning a skill together, having fun, playing games together and through this bringing exposure, visibility to the candidates with special needs. This effort brings the community closer to those population and also helps the corporate to build team spirit, respect and high morals that each employee holds for his/her company. The purpose of “WE CAN” community program is to bring opportunity for the employees to meaningfully engage, work closely and make a buddy connect, understand the limitation and challenges faced by people with autism and Intellectual disabilities. We create various occasions to play, do art and craft, making rhythm together, learning some skill by shadowing the trainees while working in different vocation units, accompany them for outdoor sports, excursion trips etc. thus giving opportunity to the children and adults with disabilities to engage and participate with the mainstream population. This is an amazing learning opportunity for corporate employees to engage with an accommodating heart, building mindfulness, empathy, humility, diversity, patience and take leadership qualities as a take away experience after a day of volunteering.


Happy Mothers Day

From the heart of our strong amazing mothers to all the loving, beautiful mothers in the world. Akshadhaa Foundation salutes this purest love, bond and the undaunted spirit of motherhood.


Let's Chat with a Cuppa

"Let's Chat with a Cuppa" conducted by Akshadhaa Foundation on Mothers Day

During this programme, the mothers with children with special needs participated this open dialogue session with Sumana Dutta M.A Special Education, Autism consultant, Sumaiya Naaz M.Sc. Rehabilitation Science, Counselor and Rajkumar Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology.


Week full of creativity and fun

Is it boring sitting in front of the computer screen and taking lessons? No is even better when the therapists bring unique ideas to beat the monotony and the classroom becomes a fun zone! Being a scavenger in scavenger hunt or following what Simon says?... quiz spinning wheel to live shopping skill everything are planned such a wonderful way to make it reach to the children. And our trainers? They are enjoying this make over, costumes and they are spontaneously in the game!!

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy for Autism

Structured protocol based activities help to develop the gross and fine motor functioning of children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental delays.





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