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At Akshadhaa we believe that every Human Being has a right to contribute and make a positive influence to its surroundings. This is also applicable for all the children. And so at Akshadhaa we work with special children and young adults in enabling them to address their own primary needs, to be cognizant of their surroundings and then depending on their capability make them acquire a set of skills which will enable them to live a life of dignified contentment.

Akshadhaa Foundation is working to address the needs of the children with Developmental delays, Speech & Language difficulty and Autism to supplement them in the targeted areas which make learning effective.

Our Mission

  • To provide children and young adults with Autism the opportunities and the means to create better lives for themselves and their families.
  • To be an enabler to achieve maximum independence, accomplished through a safe and quality program of meaningful education leading to specific lifetime goals, therapeutic recreation and to ensure that all affected can reach their full potential.in a year round barrier- free environment.
  • To work innovatively and relentlessly on the aspect of diversity and inclusion of the affected.

We are aiming at ...

We at Akshadhaa Foundation are aiming to create a meaningful learning environment in order to propel the child towards an independent life. The curriculum design is such that the child gathers the necessary life skills and attains capability to pursue a Vocation of Choice.

The Akshadhaa Foundation School for Autism and Akshadhaa Center for Autism are the Preparatory Centers for the child and are operating out of the premises near to the very accessible Hennur Cross on the outer ring road, Bangalore.

The children will then proceed for the next level in the Akshadhaa Vocational and Life Skill Academy which is in the commencement stage from the captive new eco-friendly building in the north of Bangalore among the Hills. Once the Children have been exposed to the curriculum, they will be on the path of addressing their self needs and also depending on their levels be on the path of being a positive contributor to their respective families.

We are addressing the needs of ...

Akshadhaa Foundation and the programs; Akshadhaa Foundation School for Autism and Akshadhaa Vocation and Life Skill Academy addresses the learning needs of children and young adults with Autism in specific. Also the programs at Akshadhaa have been beneficial for children with other neuro-developmental disabilities also. While addressing the needs of the child, Akshadhaa has been proactive in involving the parents in a cohesive and positive self-help group. This self-help group of parents will over time mature in their approach to become the safety net for the respective children.

Our team

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